8th Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World

Dining with the Italian cuisine: well-being with taste - 13-19 November 2023
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 “La Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo”:
A Celebration of Italian Culinary Excellence

Celebrating tradition and well-being

The “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World” is an annual event, organized globally by the Italian diplomatic network, aimed at promoting Italy’s culinary and agro-food traditions. This year 8th edition, scheduled from the 13th to the 19th of November 2023, will be held under the theme: “A tavola con la cucina italiana: il benessere con gusto” (Dining with Italian cuisine: well-being with taste)

A deep, multi-dimensional culinary journey

The event provides an unparalleled foray into the cultural, economic, and scientific facets of Italian gastronomy, paying homage to its rich historical lineage. It promotes the virtues of the Mediterranean Diet, highlighting the importance of adopting a balanced, health-conscious approach to dining. At the heart of this is the use of top quality ingredients, carefully combined in traditional and regional Italian dishes and recipes.

An exclusive gathering of culinary maestros

Nineteen Italian restaurants from all over South Africa — 7 in Cape Town, 5 in Pretoria, 4 in Johannesburg, and 3 in Durban — will host genuine Italian food tasting and wine pairing, curating an exquisite three or four-course dinner. Though each restaurant will unfurl its unique identity, rooted in tradition, regional nuances, and culinary diversity, their menus will predominantly stress the Mediterranean Diet’s salutary influence, uniting gourmet quality with a healthful lifestyle. Selected Italian wines, provided by local importers who have joined this esteemed initiative, will therefore complement each menu.

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