Gabba International ( is a small, family-run wine trading company based in South Africa. With over 25 years of experience, they specialise in sourcing exceptional Italian wines, spirits, and liqueurs from various regions of Italy, from Piemonte to Sicilia.

Their mission is to make their customers happy and to provide them with sought-after and hard-to-find items by leveraging their extensive network of friends and contacts throughout Italy and beyond.

The company’s history dates back to 1993 when Italian founder Stefano Gabba started the predecessor, Melgab International. Today, Gabba International, led by Stefano and his son Lorenzo, continues the tradition of offering a carefully selected range of handpicked wine imports to South African consumers.

Their core value is to identify, source, and select wines and liquor products that represent their origins and offer quality and satisfaction across various price points, from everyday consumption to world-class icons.
Importing directly from Italian producers allows them to provide superb value for money, and they take pride in offering personal service with in-depth knowledge and courtesy. Their goal is to ensure the customer is always put first and appreciated.
In essence, Gabba international ( offers a diverse selection of Italian wines, all of which are known for their quality and affordability, thanks to their direct sourcing from producers. They invite everyone to try their Italian wines and experience the excellence they have to offer.

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